Best Google Adsense Alternatives To Earn Money

best google adsense alternatives logoThere are many different ways you can make money with your website and the easiest of them is by enabling Google Adsense blocks units on your site. If you are not so lucky making money with Google Adsense then it’s good for you to look for alternatives. Or maybe you are finding difficult getting approval from Google Adsense or you just want to try other advertising networks similar to Adsense. There are some webmasters who already have Adsense account but they just want the best Google Adsense alternatives to diversified their earning. Sometimes it’s good to try other advertising networks to know which one that can make you the most money.

So if you are looking for ways to make more money from your blog than you would be able to earn with Adsense, then best Google Adsense alternatives are what you really need to explore. I know of some webmaster who migrated to other advertising networks when they got their account banned by Google and they are doing so well. Just because Google Adsense is the most paying ad network doesn’t mean that without them you cannot make money with your ad space.

Even though Adsense is the most popular monetization method webmasters are currently using to earn money, but that should not be your only options. Try these best Google Adsense alternatives and would be surprised at how well it would turn out.

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Top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a standard website that allows you to make money with your content. It’s a network you can use when you want to gain insights from your commerce-related content. What Skimlinks does is to transform any normal product or merchant link on your post into its equivalent affiliate link at the point of click. Their link does not affect your site because your visitors will only see the original organic link.

They have over 20,000 affiliate programs that allow you easily make money with your content. To make money with this network, you need more quality content that can convert. They pay on a monthly basis via check, direct deposit or Paypal.

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is among the best Google Adsense alternatives you can use to make money online. Infolinks is a popular in-text advertising network. So if your account got banned on Google or that you are having hard time getting your account approve then try Infolinks. You are free to use Infolinks together with your adsense without any issue.

It’s very easy to set up and from the control panel, you can easily control the ad color, number of ads and various other things you might to change. Their payment options are via PayPal, Western Union, and Bank wire transfer. Their minimum payout is $50.

3. Media

Use Media to make money from your online content. This is a Yahoo! Bing contextual ads network. They provides highly customizable native ad units for an enhanced user experience. Get a smart ad products that enhance your content.

Their ads are well optimized for mobile view and that helps you to monetize traffic from all devices. They support all iOS and Android devices, including tablets and iPad. Their payment is via wire transfer or PayPal and payment threshold is $100.

4. Bidvertiser

This is a cost per click advertising network. Get paid for clicks and conversions with Bidvertiser. They allow you to make money with your advertising space. You get paid for every visitor that clicks on ad and also you make extra money if the click turns into conversion.

So you make money into two ways with this ad network. They display the highest bidders on your site assuring maximum revenue. Bidvertiser provides you with a simple point-and-click tool which you can use to customize the layout of ads to suit your site’s look and feel. They pay on a monthly basis via check, bank wire, and PayPal. The minimum payout is $10 for Paypal and $100 for checks.

5. RevenueHits

Revenuehits is the best Google Adsense alternatives that pays the highest eCPMs to publishers. It’s a performance-based ad network you can use to make money with your content. They have so many offers from variety of advertisers worldwide. RevenueHits providers publishers with banner ads, sliders, pop-unders, button and many more. With more than 2 billion impressions a day, I am sure you will get the best from this network. Their payment is via Paypal, payoneer, and bank wire.

6. Adversal

Adversal offers multiple ad formats and 100% fill rate. It’s a standard network you can use to monetize your site but you need to have a monthly page views of 50,000 before you can apply.  They pay via PayPal, ACH, check, or wire and minimum payout is $20

7. Chitika

Chitika is a popular advertising network that offer three distinct types of ads: display/text ad units, list units (similar to Adsense” link units) and mobile ads. It’s very easy to implement and you can customized color scheme and placements.

8. Kontera

Kontera offers in-text double-underlined link of a site’s normal text that when hovered over displays what is supposed to be relevant ad. Creating of ad unit requires a simple cut-and-paste of few lines of Javascript into the bottom of the website’s HTML code. Kontera is compatible with adsense as long as ad units are not styled to look like Adsense units.

The control panel is very easy to navigate and you can easily find the ad tag code to place on your site, check the performance of your ads, and change account settings and payment information. Their payment is via ACH, check and PayPal. The minimum payment is $50.

9. Adengage

Adengage is an online advertising network you can use to make money with your ads space. You will get 15% payout bonus on your first payment. You can still make money with the referral program. The minimum payout is $50 via Paypal, wire, check and western union.

10. Buysellads

Buysellads is an advertising marketplace where publishers can sign up to list their sites and advertisers will come buy ad spots. They will automatically fetch your  blog stats such as PR, Alexa rank, and more.You need decent amount of traffic to make money with this network.

When your site is accepted and an ad is sold on your site, you are free to accept or reject the ad. It’s best when you accept ads that are relevant to the content of your site. They will take 25% as a commission when you accept the ad. Here they are, the best Google Adsense Alternatives to earn money.

These are the best you can find and they are all free to sign up, so you have nothing stopping you from making money with your site.


  • I have been using for long time. It is not as good as Google Adsense. But It pays enough. I do not have a lot of page views. but I am earning good. I also tried infolinks before. But it pay less than for click.

  • Hey, I appreciate this post. Google Adsense, Yahoo/Bing ads, and Info Links seem like the best 3 choices in my opinion. Info links I’m thinking of putting on a certain part of my website now (generally, I wouldn’t recommend people using them, because they can be annoying). Thanks.

    • @Tim you are right. Those 3 are my best choices and they are the most popular too. I am glad you enjoyed the post.Thanks for coming.

  • Thanks Bert for sharing this list. I am currently using as an adsense alternative and it is working great for me which made me think about registering to some other networks as well.

    And yeah, I would like to recommend to be a part of this list. Experience speaking 🙂

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