Top 20 Free SEO Tools Every Blogger Should Try

free seo tools for blogger logoLooking for free SEO tools that you can use to keep track of all SEO practices on your site? If you are really looking for them then continue reading because in this article I selected a few important free SEO tools that are essential for every webmaster. One thing you should know is that SEO is never constant, the rules, practices, and tricks changes and so you should always keep your eyes open to know when and what changes in order to keep your site updated.

Search engine optimization has always been an increasingly, complicated and difficult practice, but with the use of free SEO tools blogger, and webmasters can break the whole process down for an improvement in their web pages rank.

If you are new to SEO practice then the use of SEO tools are must for you because they will provide you with an overview details of what you need to know thereby making blogging a little bit easier. SEO tools help you to get higher rankings on search engines and they are must use.

Best Free SEO Tools For Blogger

1. Screaming Frog SEO Tool: This a powerful free SEO tools you can use to easily crawl, analyze and audit a website from an onsite SEO frame of reference. It allows you to transport key onsite SEO elements such as URL, page title, meta description, headings and more to Excel so it can easily be used as a base to make SEO recommendations from.

It also provides information on title tag length, H1 and H2 tags and lengths, and canonical tags. It has a way of giving detailed information on index data for Google, Yahoo, or Bing with other reports.

2. Multi Rank Checker: Multi rank checker allows you A tool you to check the information about Google Pagerank, Alexa Traffic Rank and Dmoz results of a website. What this tool does is to provide you with results concerning page rank of multiple domains and it allows you to enter up to 10 different domain names.

3. Backlink Builder: This is a powerful SEO tool you can use to manually build quality backlinks to your site. Backlink is an important factor search engines uses to rank a site. The more a site receives backlinks the more search engines attach an importance to that site.

It’s not just a backlink that makes a site to rank high in search engines but also the quality of the backlinks a site receives. With this backlinks builder, you can be able to build quality backlinks that comply with Google’s rules of backlinks building.

4. Google Keyword Planner: A rich-features keyword tool from Google that gives you an accurate keyword historical statistics and ad group ideas for your network campaigns. It shows you a monthly Google search query volume estimates for dozens of keywords you are searching.

Keywords are very important in any SEO campaigns and this tool allows you to choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns

5. GTmetrix: GTmetrix is a free seo tools for blogger. You can use it  to run, analyze and schedule reports on your page’s speed and performance. It generates reports of your pages and offers actionable solution on how to fix them.

6. Spider Test Tool: Spider test tool is a powerful search engine indexing tool that is designed to display the source code of a page, all outbound links on page and common words and phrases found in the page copy.

7. Web Page Analyzer: With this free SEO tools for blogger you can be able to check meta tags, keyword density and the content of a web page. It’s a very useful tool that gives a full detail analysis of a web page which makes users to be able to know the areas that needs improvement such as the meta tags and web page content.

8. Google Search Console: Popularly known as Google webmaster tool. A free web service tool from Google which allows webmasters to know the full detailed analysis of their web pages visibility on Google. If you are a business owner, you can use this tool to better understand how to optimize your site for an increase visibility and traffic. It also comes with search analytics.

9. SEO Analyzer: SEO analyzer will help you analyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages. It’s very important to check your web pages in order to know the areas which requires more improvement.

10. Link Suggestion Generator: An SEO tool that provides users with links which relates to the key phrase or topic of their choosing.

11. Google XML Sitemap Generator:  Use this free SEO tools for blogger to create XML Sitemap which can be submitted to Google, Yahoo and other search engines in order for them to easily crawl and index your web pages better. It’s advisable to visit Google Webmaster Tools to submit your site URL and sitemap after you have created a sitemap file.

12. Google Position Finder: A tool that will automatically query Google’s search engines to check the position or rank of a specific URL in search engines results when a query for a chosen keywords are made.

13. Link Exchange Software: A software tool that helps webmasters to build a free and highly relevant link exchange network that will make their site to be visible in search engines. It categorize and optimize the exchanges of links for maximum benefit.

14. Bing Webmaster Tools: To get traffic with Bing, you need to submit your site and verify it. The process is very simple and you can do it to be listed in the Bing search results. Bing provides users with gives detailed reports on the practices that will improve your site. Such reports can be insights into crawling, indexing, on-page site optimization and off-page optimization.

15. Google Trends: With Google Trends an insights on the changes in search query volume for any specific queries you need. It helps you to keep up with the market trends such as fashion and technology thereby helping you to be far step ahead of your competitors. It helps publishers to understand and know more about the trending topics.

16. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is an online brand management service you can use to manage multiple social networks (twitter, facebook, linkedln, etc.) from one website. It helps you to promote new content and get more traffic to your site.

17. Open Site Explorer: A powerful link analysis tool which shows your overall link counts and a number of domains that link to your URL along with anchor text distribution. It’s important feature is the power to compare two domains side by side. It can also be use to find back links to your site.

18. Keyword Suggestion Tool: A tool that helps users to instantly discover several keywords that relate directly to their list. Instead of carrying-out a blind research on keyword, it’s better to find a good keyword suggestion tool that will help in providing you with several good paying keywords list for your article. It’s an important tool that will provides you with relevant and popular keywords that rank high in search engines.

19. Google Analytics: This is a powerful analytic tool from Google to help you understand your visitors and how they interact with your site. It provides your site detailed traffic and how you can be able to keep visitors long on your site. Its a free SEO tools list that can help you turn customer insights into huge profits for your business. Google Analytics is one of the best and most comprehensive widely used site statistics service.

20. Online Ping Website Tool: A free seo tools for blogger which notifies search engines of your new blog posts or updated pages. It allows you to insert the URL of your new post, select category and then hit ping now. It will start pinging all the high ranking search engines.

With all these free SEO tools, users can easily manage their SEO practices well and uncover what their competitors have been using to outrank them.

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