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Get paid to upload files sites are standard Websites that will pay you a specific amount of money every time your files are downloaded from their site. They are also known as PPD Websites. Get paid to upload files sites is a platform where users can set their target goal, active it with a clean mind and the result will start manifesting. They are system that allows users to make money from download. You make money whenever a particular visitor that comes across your file link takes a particular action required on the offer you are promoting. The action can be submitting a zip code, submitting an email address, download a software, installing an app, downloading a file, watching a video, playing game, signing up on a website, etc. To make money with a get paid to upload files sites, you need a lot of lead generation. Lead generation occurs when a visitor completes the required action needed for the offer. So PPD is about download and it requires as many visitors as possible to download an offer you are promoting.

Things To Upload In Get Paid To Upload Files Sites

The files to upload can be video, audio, game, music, apps, ebook, software, etc. just anything which provides a solution to a certain problem and can be downloaded. It’s a real way you can employ to make money with any valuable downloadable material you have. If there is anything you developed and you don’t want to directly sell it on the market then you can use get paid to upload files sites to monetize it in a clean way. All you have to do is register on the listed below sites, upload your files, share it and make money. You will be provide with a special URL when you upload a file but that URL will be locked and it will only open when somebody who wants to download it perform a certain survey or anything that might be required of that person. Most visitors who will want to download your file are usually scared off by the survey and so if you want to make money with this system then you have to upload something they will be dying to have.

How Much Can I make With Get Paid To Upload Files Sites

The amount you will earn with get paid to upload files sites depends mainly on the country the download originate from and the number of downloads you are able to make per day. Download from some countries pays much and the more downloads the more the money you will make. Downloads from these countries pays much: France, USA, Canada, UK, etc. There are some downloads that can pay $20 each from France and USA or Canada mostly start from $1 upwards.

Best Get Paid To Upload Files Sites

1. ShareCash: Sharecash is a popular get paid to upload files site you can use to make serious money. They pay from $1 to $20 for every download. Sharecash have so many surveys on their system, targeting over 200 countries. Why i like their system is that it will automatically displays the best surveys for the visitors of your file. They have been around since 2008 and their payment system support PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfers and check.

2. DollarUpload: This is another reliable get paid to upload files site that allows you to make money with your content. You will get paid on average of $1 for an offer completed. They are covering over 240 countries giving you a chance to make money almost every visitor of your file. They have optimized system making it easy for your files to be downloaded on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Linux and Mac. With Dollarupload, you can be paid within 24 hours and also on weekly basis. The minimum cashout is $10 via Global bank transfer, local bank transfer, Payoneer, wire transfer, and check.

3. PureBits: PureBits is both PPD and CPA (Cost Per Action) network and you can make money using both methods. With thousands of local and international offers. You can register to make money with your web pages, music, videos, apps, eBooks, files and any content that’s worth sharing. With their advanced dashboard, you can easily move things around. Their features includes: Link locker, file locker, video locker, software locker, and audio locker.

4. CleanFiles: Cleanfiles is the largest PPD site you can easily use to make money with your contents. Users can earn between $1 and $45. Features includes: Simple to use money making landing pages, top-notch customer support, easy to use website lockers, and advanced statistics providing you with the detailed reports of your files performance. They pay every week and their payment options includes ACH, Direct wire, PayPal, Payoneer, and check.

5. UploadCash: Uploadcash is a powerful get to upload files site with advanced features that allows you to instantly make money with your content. With a few clicks, you can easily upload files using their file manager. Features includes: Customizable download locker, content & link locker, advanced & mobile-friendly dashboard and more. Their surveys are easy to perform, giving you more rooms to make money.

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