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Instant ways to monetize your blog is all about money making practices and techniques you can use to earn income with your blog. They are ways that makes earning money with a blog so easy. If you have ever make money working from home then starting a blog and monetizing it would not be hard for you. If you have embraced a number of different jobs and none of them have seems to changed your life or bought you a piece of mind then you should try build a blog, monetize it and then see what happens.

Blogging is more like a hubby you can developed into a multimillion business empire. It’s really possible to make a living from blogging and the effort you put into it is what will make it a success. However, if you are already blogging and you want an instant ways to monetize your blog then I will humbly say you are welcome to the club. It really sound so easy doing what you love and at the same time making more money from it but here is the truth.

Making money with a blog takes time because there are so many things you need to put in place such as putting your contents in order and building traffic. The more traffic and compelling content you have, the more money you will be able to make. So lets go assuming you already have your content and traffic. I will advice that if one of these instant ways to monetize your blog doesn’t work for you then you should test another one until you are able to discover the one that will match your readers expectations.

Instant Ways To Monetize Your Blog

  1. Google Adsense: Google adsense is one of the instant ways to monetize your blog especially if you are into the niche that people mostly clicks on adsense ads. Google makes money online by allowing advertisers display their products and services on their search results pages through a network called Adwords. These ads are displayed above the organic results and you can still see them on the right side of the Google page. Advertisers pays certain amount of money per the click of these ads and so you can equally earn 68% of the money when you displays these ads on your site and your visitors clicks on them. With Adsense you will not need to manage the ads aside from optimizing your web pages and positioning the ads where can easily be click. To make money with adsense, you need more traffic and importantly good number of articles. The more the articles on your site, the more it attract searchers and the result will be more clicks. Adsense is very easy to implement.
  2. Membership Site

With Membership site you can generate recurring income. There are many small business owners, consultants, and webmasters that have added membership program on their site and they are making many from it. There are so many problems seeking for solution and you just have to find it and develop a membership site on it. You can decide to give tutorials on the areas you knows very well and charge members for it. You can charge lower monthly price to attract members and most importantly, build relationship first.

  1. Sell Advertising Space

If you browse around some sites you can find a banner with ”Advertise Here”. That is another instant ways to monetize your blog. With a huge traffic, you can find advertisers will be interested to pay a fee per month to advertise on that space. It still boils to one thing, to make money online you will need moderate to high traffic. Making money with your blog using this method is very simple and straightforward.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Make money with your blog with Affiliate marketing just by recommending relevant products to your readers. Make sure the products you are recommending have value and it will be useful to them. Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn money online which can be done with or without a website but it works best using a website as a referring page.

Affiliate Networks: Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission junction, Amazon Associates

  1. Text-Link Ads

Many bloggers are making money using text-links ads. It’s very simple to get started, just register with any text-link network and thenĀ  install the text links Ads script on your blog and you are set to start making a steady income. The text-links ads networks offers contextually-relevant links based on your website’s content.

Example: Becontext, Infolinks

  1. Publish Ebook

You can write a very demanding ebook on your niche and sell it on your blog. Selling your own ebook is among the instant ways to monetize your blog. Let your knowledge make money for you here, there must be some areas you are good at. Then teach people how to do that and they are going to pay for it. I have seen ebook that are not worth selling and yet it still sells. You can purchase PLR material and write the content yourself. Apart from your blog there are sites where you can sell ebook: Amazon, eBay, Ebook karma

  1. Chitika:

Chitika is an advertising network you can use to make money on your blog. It displays ads relevant to the content of your blog and that ultimately increases the number of clicks on the ads. It’s similar to Google Adsense and it can be used together with Google Adsense at the same time. Chitika is one of the popular alternative to adsenseĀ  and they display relevant ads at the right time.

Here we are, the instant ways to monetize your blog. Making money online and with your blog requires patient and most importantly, traffic. So don’t give up too soon when it seems not to be working and keep testing one method from the other until you find the one that will works best for you.

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