10 Basic Steps To Make Money With Google Adsense


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Google adsense is an advertisement program by Google for online publishers to make money by placing relevant and engaging ads on their Websites. It allows you to make money by selling your ad space on your blog but in this case your readers must click on the ads before you can be able to make money. Google adsense is the most easiest way to make money online using website or blog. If you have a blog with good number of traffic then using Google adsense is the best way you can take to make money just by placing ads on your website. There are still ways to make money online apart from using adsense.

Ask any blogger or entrepreneur the easiest way to make money with a website and the person will surely tell you that it’s by using adsense advertisement. It doesn’t involve much work. Making money with adsense only takes only a few hours to implement if you already have a targeted traffic. And also you need to place it well so that both your visitors and adsense advertisers can be able to get the most out of your website. Making money with Google adsense is all about good planning, hard work, wisely execution and how serious you are on making money with it.

Terms use in calculating the adsense revenue includes: Click-Through Rate meaning the number of ad clicks divided by the number of individual ad impressions. Take for example you are displaying 3 adsense ads on every page of your site, your 1 page view is equal to 3 ad impressions.  CTR = Clicks / Ad impressions X 100. Another one is Cost Per Click meaning the money you make each time visitor clicks on your ad. It’s usually determined by the advertisers. CPM = Cost Per 1000 Impressions. Advertisers usually opt for CPM ads instead of CPC and set their price for 1000 ad impressions. They pay each time their ads appear on any website.

If you are a beginner then there are important things that you must do to get the best out of adsense. Although there are official guides provided by google during the signup process but they are not enough.

Things You Need To Implement To Make Money With Adsense.

1. Allow Text And Image Ads: Although allowing maybe only text links or image links or both depends on your content. Allowing text ads to show gives adsense a deeper ground of ads and will ultimately increase your click rate and earning. You still need to experiment to find out the one that works best for your best.

2. Choose Standard Units: Adsense allows you to choose from more than a dozen ad units. Use the common ad sizes to maximize your revenue such as 300X250, 728X90, and 160X600.

3 Adsense Placement: Try and place your ad units above the fold so it can easily be seen by your visitors. The higher up on a page your ads are the more it can be click on. Experiment on it and you will see the result.

4. Place More Ads Units: Adsense only allows you to place three maximum ad units on a web page. So be careful and see that you make the most use of it. Don’t place ads in a hidden part of your page where your visitors can’t easily penetrate.

5. Max Out Link Units: Links units are hardly used in adsense options but it’s a great way to earn you more money. Most visitors will click on link not knowing it’s an ad. Most of the online visitors know ads now and finding a way to get them to click should be your utmost priority.

6. Use Custom Search Engine: Setting up a custom search engines will help see very high RPMs.

7. Try and Enable Placement Targeting: Enabling placement targeting makes it possible for advertisers to include your website in their campaign, either by name or by targeting an interest group.

8. Make sure you set up a custom channels: This will allow you to have a better insights into what’s working and what isn’t, and will make experimenting very easy for you.

9. Check Your Scorecard: Try and check your in-dashboard health which shows your revenue optimization score. It helps you to know how you are performing in order to advance further.

10. Don’t over-optimize: It’s easier to be carried away when trying to make money with adsense and forget their rules. Don’t make decisions that will get you ban by Google or that would not benefit your visitors.

These are some of the methods you can implement to make money with adsense. if you have not been paying attention to them then start now to put them into practice.

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