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Do you know that you can make money online with sites that pay for guest blog posts? yes, it’s very possible to earn money writing guest blog posts. In fact this method have been a source of income for some people and it has been paying their bills. Guest blogging is when a blogger writes a blog post and get it published on another person’s website and it can be done for free or paid. In this article I will be discussing the sites that allows you to make money by writing guest blog posts.

There are other ways bloggers can implement to make money with their blog. So if you are blogger, and you have been looking for where to guest blog for a pay then use of the below sites to make money.

Writing a guest posts is a sure way of expanding your freelance writing career and you still make money in the process. It puts you in the fore front of thousands of readers and that means more exposure for you and your business. They is a huge demand for quality blog posts and you will excel if clients know you are good with your job.

Make Money Writing A Guest Blog Posts

1. Make A Living Writing

Make a living writing is a standard website developed to help writers find better paying gigs. The owner believe that if a blog make money for its owner, guest posters should be paid. Guest posters are paid $50 per post. I has a collection of writers that it accepts guest posts from except when during open-pitch periods. You submit your best headline idea and outline for your proposed guest post. You get paid via Paypal at the end of the month as your post appears.

2. A Fine Parent

A fine parent is an online community for parents who believe that great parents are made not born. You make money when you write for this website, sharing your hard-earned parenting wisdom. your article should be able to encourage, educate and entertain. You get paid via Paypal within 24 hours of final draft. They focus on topics that can help readers become better people and better parents.

3. Bootsnall

Bootsnall is a travel website that talks about Indie travel manifesto. They are accepting articles that reflects at least one (and preferably more) tenets of the manifesto. Whoever writes to Bootsnall, whether it’s paid feature article, a guest post, filling out a traveler profile, or writing and updating Bootsnall indie travel guides, becomes an ambassador for indie travel. Feature Articles Program is $50.

4. Matador Network

Matador Network accepts original article writing on photography, and video that speaks to the adventures, cultures, identities of people around the world. You should avoid submitting articles on specific topics or story angles that have already been published. The standard payment is $40 depending on article type and length. You get paid via Paypal. The maximum article length is 1500 words.

5. Writenaked

Writenaked is a standard website that allows bloggers to make money by writing guest blog posts. They specializes in articles on self-publishing tips, interviews, and much more. You get paid $50 when you write article between 450-650 words.

6. FundsForwriters

Fundsforwriters provides users with tips and tools to advance in their writing profession. Their free weekly newsletter exposes writers to lists of semi-pro or higher paying markets and contest as well as grants, crowdfunding, publishers, agents and employers. You’ll get paid $50 for guest posts on a ground breaking topics such as on knowledge about personal finance article. The article should fall between 500 and 1000 words.

7. Be a Freelance Blogger

Sophie Lizard with other sophisticated writers are doing a great job on that network. they have so many resourceful tools, guest posting opportunities, useful tips that writers can use to make money writing. They allows you to connect with like-minded bloggers to expand your blogging experience. With be a freelance blogger site, you can submit your best pitches. If you’d like a chance to get paid $100 for your guest blog then submit it during Pitchfest. Pitchfest is a guest blogging contest in which you make your pitch publicly in the comments on a special ”let the pitchfest begin” blog post.

8. InternationalLiving

International living pays writers to share their travel experience. So if you are a traveler and you have been to a host of places around the world and that the places are cheaper, healthier, safer and freer than you ever thought possible then write for them. They pay a one-time rate of $75 for stories from experts. Your writing should be between 500-600 words.

9. Worldstart

Worldstart is a resource website that provides users with the best tech tips and daily deals newsletters on the internet. You get the very best tech and computer help sent directly to your email every weekday. You can write for them and get paid on tips for their email newsletter. You get paid via Paypal and the rate varies widely depending on the quality of the submission, length and usefulness of your article. The maximum length is 800 words for $35.

10. DoctorofCredit

Doctorofcredit is looking for new writers that can help give a different perspective on deals and consumer credit. Submit an article that will interest the readers of Doctor of credit and get paid $50.

There are so many other sites you can use to make money by writing guest blog posts and you can get started with these ten lists. You are free to register with all of them because it’s not something you can do on a daily basis.

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