10 Legitimate Sites That Pay You To Review Products

sites that pay you to review products

Are you searching for legitimate sites that pay you to review products? If the answer is yes then this post is right for you. There are so many ways of making money online and the use of sites that pay you to review products is among the easiest of them. Writing reviews is good if it’s a product or service you have tested because that will give you wide insights of the performance of the product.

Although in most cases, you are giving guidelines of what and what not to say but there are still review sites that allow users to give honest review whether positive or negative.

It’s really important to give an honest opinion based on your own judgment concerning any product or service you are reviewing, the reason being that whatever you write is going to affect the readers either good or bad.

Writing review is an easy way bloggers can make money on their blog. Review is a powerful way of advertising which can showcase your products and services to large viewers and it has the potential to drive huge traffic to any site. Advertisers uses sites that pay you to review products to make their products and services go viral. Making $10 or $20 bucks just by visiting website and providing review is not a bad idea.

Best Sites That Pay You To Review Products

1. Blogvertise: Blogvertise is a platform where publishers and advertisers can maximize their profits. Bloggers can use it to earn money by displaying advertisers banner and text ads on their blog. They require high traffic blog that can send huge traffic to advertisers sites. When you register with them, they will provide you with writing assignments which you are going to mention in your blog content.

2. Sponsoredreviews : Sponsoredreviews is a nice site that pays you to review products and services. With them, you can be able to properly increase your site traffic, build quality links and improve search engine ranking. They have thousands of high traffic blog owners that can write paid posts about your site on their blog. They also have so many advertisers that are willing to pay so you can write articles about their sites. It’s a well-developed platform for both advertisers and bloggers.

3. PayPerPost: PayPerPost allows bloggers to monetize their blog their traffic. Even those with high traffic social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Simply sign up, add your blog, verify ownership and wait to pick a sponsored posts. Get paid via PayPal.

4.   Linkfromblog :  This is a site you can use to make money by writing reviews, giving opinions of advertisers products and services. It’s a place where bloggers register to easily make some bucks just by picking a product and writing the review about it on your site. The good part is that they also allow blogs on WordPress.com and Blogspot.com.

5. Usertesting: With this site, you can get paid to review websites and apps. Simply register, pick an app or website you can review and get paid $10 for each review. You will be paid $10 via PayPal for every 20-minutes tasks you complete. They pay via PayPal after 7 days of completing a website or app test.

6. Matomyseo: They allow bloggers to monetize their site by giving them access to high-quality advertisers that wants their products to be reviewed. Matomyseo is more of an SEO and content marketing experts.

7. Reviewstream: Reviewstream is among the sites that pay you to review products and services. They allow bloggers to write a review on restaurants, electronics, books, software and many more. Get paid via PayPal.

8. Sharedreviews: Sharedreviews is a place where you can write, play and make money.

9. SoftwareJudge: SoftwareJudge allows you to give a strong positive or negative review about some software. They pay up to $50. A normal review is $1 each it’s been published and you are only limited to publish three reviews per day.

10. SocialSpark: A network that allows users to blog, tweet, take photos, videos and get paid. It connects bloggers and advertisers.

This is it, the list of sites that pay you to review products and services. So if you have a reason traffic on your blog then sign up with as many as possible to review products and get paid.

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