Top 10 Freelance Writing Websites To Make Money

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If you work at home then chances are that you must have come across sites that allows you to make money. In this article I will be discussing top 10 freelance writing Websites that enables freelancers to easily find any job they are looking for. These sites are really where freelancers can go and make money with their writing skills. If you really make a living working at home, you should add these sites to your money making sites list. You can still build it to be your professional job.

With the way technology, digital companies and online business are springing up, the demands for freelance jobs have also risen too. Internet is a big world with lots of business opportunities for anyone who knows what he or she wants. You can easily find freelancing jobs of different categories on any of the freelance writing Websites. You don’t have to be lazy saying there is no job where as thousands of freelancing jobs are waiting for you on the internet. The truth is that you might be fortunate to find companies that will be needing your writing on a daily basis. Just like in other online business, there are competition that will always stare in your face but with determination and perseverance you will get what you want. So if you work at home as a freelancer then below are the list of top freelance writing Websites you can use to find freelance jobs and make money. That’s the beauty of freelancing, it allows you to work at home and earn money.

Top 10 Freelance Writing Websites

Use this list of top 10 freelance writing Websites to find any writing jobs online

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the oldest freelance writing website you can use to work at home. They have been around since 2009. There you can find freelance jobs in different categories. Freelancers use it because it’s easy to find jobs there. They accommodating over 16 million registered freelancers and over 8 million completed jobs.

Freelancer is a well developed network for both employers and freelancers. Everyday they have different jobs being posted on their site. It’s very easy to use with a charge of 10% share of the proceedings for any project you completed on their site, but it could go as low as 3% if you are on a monthly membership plan. They have different jobs in the areas of translation, marketing, programming, SEO, writing, website design, video jobs, and many more.

2. Elance

So many people who work at home are familiar with Elance because they have been around for long. They have top freelancers with great writing skills but that should not scare you away if you are a beginner. Elance have place for professionals and not professionals. If you work at home and serious about making money as a freelancer then you should check out Elance. Elance jobs classification includes article writing, academic writing, translation jobs, editing & proofreading, web content, and many more.

3. UPwork

UPwork isĀ  a standard freelance writing where you can easily find jobs. Upwork is formerly oDesk. Anyone looking for hire freelancers can go there and find someone to tackle any job of any size. Their job categories includes: Web developers, designers & creatives, virtual assistants, sales & marketing experts, accountants & consultants, customer service agents, writers, mobile developers, and much more. With Upwork you can showcase your service, get writing jobs and start making money quickly.

4. Constant Content

Constant content is a premium content marketplace where you can sell your original content. They have original content and custom content written by professional content writers. You can register with them to start selling your original articles. You can charge so much for your article. It’s just that they have strict editorial process in terms of accepting articles.

5. Textbroker

This is a leading network worldwide for unique customized content. They have been around since 2005 with thousand of registered publishers and clients from around the world. They have clients from publicly traded corporations, small business owners, ecommerce websites, social media communities and publishing firms which require quality content on a daily basis. You see why you can easily make money on textbroker. You can choose when and how much you write, with no limit to how much you can earn.

6. Wow Women On Writing

This website is mainly for female writers. They encourage and provides freelancing opportunities for women. So if you are a female, you are free to check them because they offer training, freelancing and innovative business opportunities for women. They pay close to $150 for a 3,000 words feature article.

7. iFreelance

iFreelance is the premier network for independent professionals looking for freelance writing jobs. It’s really a place where you can get your goals accomplished. They have thousands of registered freelancers and small businesses. Their jobs categories includes: Accounting, Business Consulting, Engineering, Graphic Design, Marketing, Writing, Programming, Photography, and many more.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr is a large marketplace where everything sells for $5. You are free to offer basically anything you can offer. If you are a writer, you can offer service on writing, translation, programming, graphic design, animation, copy writing, and many more.

9. Smashingmagazine

Smashingmagazine has so many jobs on their database and mostly programming and designers job but you can still find freelance jobs there.

10. People Per Hour

People Per Hour allows users to create a profile, make a short video for service promotion, look for jobs, send proposals, get the job and get paid. They provide quality services to their clients.

These are top 10 freelance writing Websites any writer can register and start making money.

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