Top 14 Ways To Make Extra Money Online Now

ways to make extra money online logoThere are many ways to make extra money online which anyone can do no matter the person level of qualification. Do you know that more and more people without any expertise in any field are building online businesses and they are making huge of cash from it? Making money online mostly is not about what you know but about what you can do because you can learn anything on the web. So the question of ‘do you know it’ is out of the way.

To make extra money online, you need to find something that interests you and if you don’t know much about that thing then find a way to learn that thing online or offline. Use that skill you learn and make money from it.

Some people usually give up so quick when they are looking for ways to make extra money online without getting result forgetting that nothing good comes easy. People have made millions online, they are still making millions and they are will still continue to make millions online.

The thing I like about making money online is that you must not be a computer wizard before you can be successful in it. And your sex, age, race are never a barrier to make extra money online. Once you are focus, you can pretty move forward on it.

Use any of the below ways to make extra money online and support your offline job. These ways of making money online are all legitimate and can be done at your own spare time.

Cool Ways To Make Extra Money Online

 1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog will not make you rich overnight but it will help you to earn extra money online. Building a blog is not that difficult so far you have something to talk. There must be something you can teach people online and the best way to do that is to build a blog on it.

There are many resources that can help you to craft a good looking blog. When traffic starts coming to your blog, you can then find Instant Ways To Monetize Your Blog.

2. Clixsense:

This site allows you to easily earn money online performing some easy tasks.

* You can earn money by clicking on ads: Not really the best way to earn money from this site but its ok if you need quick cash

* Completing survey: They have survey that can earn you $0.5 – $5 depending on the duration of the survey

* Performing tasks: Apart from the survey, this is another major way you can earn money from this site.

* Completing different offers: You can sign up on website, download apps

* Referring friends

3. Answer Question Online

If you have an expertise in any field, you can make money by answering questions online. These sites allow you to sign up and choose the field of your choice, when a question in that field comes, it will be directed to you. Be sure to provide a practical answer that best suits each question you are provided with. Check

Be sure to provide a practical answer that best suits each question you are provided with. Check Just Answer, & Keen.

4. Do Software Review

You can try reviewing software to make extra cash. It doesn’t take anything from you. Just your opinion about a product and you will get paid for it. You will be allowed to say your mind on what you think about the product, give a reason why you think it’s a good or bad product. See also: Sites That Pay You To Review Products

5. Write An Ebook

These ways to make extra money online will also earn you passive income when you write something that people will be demanding in years to come. Take weight loss, for example, celebrities, models and young people will always be looking for ways to stay in shape. It must not be on weight loss, there are many other unexplored fields you can try. Package your ebook well and market it on Amazon or any other place where it can sell fast.

6. Use Online Juror

Online juror sites allow you to make money when you sign up with them to sit on mock juries and give attorneys and other jury consultants feedbacks on cases they are working on. With your feedbacks, they can be able to determine their case value and develop case themes. Check with  eJury and OnlineVerdict

7. Try Flipping Domain

With domain flipping, you can earn more than you bargain for. Domain flipping is just a method of registering a domain you think will increase in value or be in demand in the future. The domain name you registered with just $10 rake in $5000.

8. Reseller Business

This is another cool way to make extra money online. Reseller business is nothing but getting service from someone fixing high rate and then earning amount by getting a commission from them. To start this business, you must first have a reseller account and then you can be able to buy domain names, website builder service, and more. You can fix rates for these services and sell them.

9. Online Tutor

This service allows you to tutor students online. You can register with tutoring sites if you have experience in any subject. Check these sites for tutoring jobs Tutor, InstaEdu

10. Part-Time Freelancer

Do you enjoy writing? Can you write a good story that people will like to read? If you are good in writing then you can use that skill to make some extra cash for yourself. Freelancing will always be a selling skill in as much as so many Websites that needs quality content are coming up every day. You should know that not every webmaster have the time and energy to write articles. Mostly outsource their articles from freelancing sites. You are free to register to be part of them and work at your own free time.

See also: Best Sites To Get Paid for Writing

11. Vivatic:

This site offers everyone the opportunity to make money from home in anywhere.  It is one of the best sites you can signup now and starts earning money. You will earn $1.5 just by signing up. Every day you will be provided with tasks that will earn you over $30. The tasks include freelance jobs, answer questions, write reviews, data entry, proofreading, online surveys, and article writing. The site is free to signup and you can withdraw with your PayPal.

12. Upload Files Sites

Upload files sites are one of the fastest ways to make extra cash online. These sites allow you to upload any of file that you think somebody out there will need and you will be paid when someone downloads it. When you register, upload your file, you will be provided with a link which you can use to share on social media, forums, or any other places for people to download your file.

13. Become a Transcriptionist

If you can speak a foreign language, you can be making cool cash doing translation jobs. There are Websites you can get paid for translating texts in other languages. Check Guru, and Peopleperhour there you can find such jobs. They allow you to work online at your own hours and space.

14. Use YouTube

If you are looking for ways to make extra money online, try Youtube. This video sharing site will not only allow you to make extra money but you can make the one that will be enough for you. Do a small research and you will find men and women that became millionaires through Youtube. It’s pretty easy when you can make a video that attracts a large number of views. You make money when someone watches the ad that is placed on your videos. First, you need to get a Youtube account, learn to upload and share videos on Youtube.

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